Our Management Team

Our founder

Chalet Spa Collection was founded by Andy Turner, a private investor, originally from England, but who has been based in Switzerland since 2010.

After graduating in International Commercial Law, Andy specialized as a corporate lawyer with Laytons London, later joining Ernst & Young London. In 1996, he moved to Jersey in the British Channel Islands to set up a corporate fiduciary business for Abacus Financial Services Group, where he became one of the owners and an executive director of the Group Board. Abacus evolved into a significant wealth management business, with GBP23 billion assets under management, and in 2005 was acquired by Royal Bank of Canada, following which he became an Executive Board Director of RBC for the UK and Head of its international corporate division. From 1996-2009, Andy was an active director of more than 20 companies and trustee for more than 300 corporate & high net worth trust structures, across a range of business sectors, including banking & finance, hedge funds, technology, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, major utilities, and private equity.

In 2007, Andy founded Chalet Spa Verbier, one of the most luxurious spa retreats in the Swiss Alps. In 2009, Andy left RBC to focus on a range of private investments and relocated to Switzerland. Since 2008, Chalet Spa Verbier has been recognized by clients and the international press as one of the most luxurious 5* mountain retreats in the world. Between 2009 and 2017, Andy curated a small exclusive collection of the most luxurious spa properties in the world, owned and managed by personal friends and at the start of 2018 he founded Chalet Spa Collection to help private clients and personal contacts to gain greater access to this collection. Andy has a range of business interests and investments and more than 20 years direct experience of emerging markets, such as Russia, South Africa, Middle East, and China, in the context of corporate, HNW, and family office style services. Chalet Spa Collection has been established to complement the services available through Chalet Spa, Chalet Spa Verbier and Exclusive Spa Retreats.

Operational manager

Our operational services are under the management of Nick Leftwich. Nick joined us for our opening in early 2008, and is in Switzerland all year round overseeing guest and client services and supporting the operation of the business. Nick is also involved supervising the expansion of our service range for clients. From 1995 to 2003, Nick gained 8 years experience of health club and spa management in Jersey, British Channel Islands, covering many aspects of the health and fitness industry, beauty therapy, lifestyle services, and club catering with an emphasis on healthy diet options. From 2003 to 2007, Nick managed the property, operations and front of house customer service for a 100-cover restaurant in Jersey, British Channel Islands.

Nick brings an excellent skill set to the business, covering property management, operational services and administration as well as delivery of a discreet 5* service to our clients in terms of property services, rental operations, spa operations and ensuring a discreet and efficient concierge and rental service from our team. Our team is supported by a range of highly qualified individuals and consultants who have been carefully selected to provide experience in our chosen markets.

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